About the Urban Mysterium

Urban: Relating to a city or town.

Mystery: Something secret, strange or difficult to understand. Something unknown.

Ium: Suffix denoting a region or body.

I heard a story once, about cities and seismologists. I don’t know if it’s true and I can’t find anything corroborative in a hasty google search, but I heard that huge cities like Tokyo, New York City, Amsterdam, New Delhi, etc., all have some sort of hum of energy underground that attracts people to them. Thinking back historically to the earliest human settlements, like Catalhöyük in Turkey and Mount Sandel in Ireland, there must have been some reason that those people decided to stop and stay, changing the way humans had existed for hundreds of thousands of years.

Why did they stop where they did? Why have any groups of people stopped where they were? The logical left pole asks a few questions: Was there good clean water? Fertile soil? Temperate climate? The fanciful right might ask something different, something less quantifiable: How does it feel here? Am I safe? Am I happy? I think that all of these criterion are ruled by otherworldly forces and/or beings.

Elementals–undines, salamanders, sylphs, and gnomes–are the water, soil, sun and climate of an area. Then there are the angels presiding, guiding, and inspiring the intellect of the humans. The imprints left by the souls of the departed also make a showing, whether they be direct ancestors or just wayward astral travelers. Then there are visitors from other higher dimensions, unable to be seen, heard or touched by us and our 3-D hardware (eyeballs, eardrums, etc.).

Who knows what may lurk or linger nearby? How does one become better acquainted with whatever the lurker might be? Where did you decide to stop and settle? What space do you inhabit and what forces guided you there or helped you remain there safely?

The Urban Mysterium is a porthole, a window into the unseen world. Here you will find photos, anecdotes, mythology, history, and, if you wish, tips to lift the veil shrouding the other worlds…


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