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Posted in Elementals with tags , , , , , , on November 12, 2010 by Susana Romatz

I didn’t always believe in elves and fairies. I’d read about them here and there in fairy tales or the odd woo-woo spirit crystal healing book I chanced to pick up from a library shelf. I saw them flying around in movies like Dark Crystal or Labyrinth. It wasn’t until I started reading Ted Andrew’s books that I really actually got an idea of what a fairy might be, and that they actually might exist.

I first read Animal Speak. It was a fine book that directed me to look more closely at my encounters with animals. What was the animal world trying to tell me about myself? Was I seeing lots of squirrels? Perhaps I should start saving up for a cold or rainy day…hard times might be coming. That red tailed hawk I’ve seen four times in two days? Maybe I need to start honing my vision, looking toward my goal with more intensity.

Then I happened to see another book by Ted Andrews entitled Enchantment of the Fairie Realm. I bought the book from a store that sold singing bowls, John Waterhouse posters and tiny pewter dragons guarding real crystal balls. I was killing time, waiting for my partner to exit the store across the street, when this little tan book jumped out at me. I flipped through the pages and decided to buy it, although I didn’t really even start to skim the book until a year later.

Andrews believes that we “see” fairies more subconsciously, at least at first, than consciously. The blur you see out of the corner of your eye, the face you glimpse in the wood grain or the bark of a tree, the mini dust twister that swirls across the playground as you walk home–any of these could be fairies showing their face to you. Andrews even says that when you smell a particularly delicious waft of flowers or sap, the fairies have said hello to you. The more conscious and grateful of these gifts you become, the more often you will be graced by them and the more fairy enriched your life will become.

I imagine it’s different for everyone, but my experience of the elementals (gnomes-earth beings, salamanders-fire beings, sylphs-air beings and undines-water beings) has been more of a subliminal experience. I don’t usually “see” them, I just have a feeling that they are there. I can sense when there are a lot, and I can sense that there are not a lot. I can sometimes feel the qualities of the elementals that live in a certain area. They might be light and playful or grumpy and warty. They might wish that I would leave them alone to do their work in peace, or they might invite me to join in with their play.

Andrews says that the first step toward interacting with an elemental is to acknowledge that they are here with us. That might mean saying thank you when you pass a delicious smelling daphne or saying hello when you see a flicker of movement from the corner of your eye or even singing a song while you’re weeding a garden bed. It doesn’t have to be big or loud, but it will definitely awaken your super senses to fairy activity…

(John Waterhouse-Undine)